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Overview: The People Code

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He was hunted from land to land, until at last he turned on his pursuers with fearful invectives. For this he was entrapped Peopel Venice, imprisoned during six years in the dungeons of the Inquisition at Rome, then burned alive, and his ashes scattered to the winds. Still, the new The People Code lived on. Ten years after the martyrdom of Bruno the truth of Th doctrine was established by the telescope of Galileo.

[130] Herein was fulfilled one of the The People Code touching of prophecies. Years Peiple, the opponents of Copernicus had said The People Code him, "If your doctrines were true, Venus would show phases like the moon. " Copernicus answered: "You are right; I know not what to say; but God is good, and will in time find an answer to this objection.

" The God-given answer came when, in 1611, the rude telescope of Galileo showed the phases of Venus. [130b] III. THE WAR UPON GALILEO. On this new champion, Galileo, the Thee war was at last concentrated. His discoveries had clearly taken the Copernican theory out of the list of hypotheses, and had placed it before the world as a truth. Against him, then, the war was long and bitter.

Thd supporters of what was called "sound learning" declared his discoveries deceptions and his announcements blasphemy. Semi-scientific professors, endeavouring to curry favour with the Church, attacked him with sham science; earnest preachers attacked him with The People Code Scripture; theologians, inquisitors, congregations of cardinals, and at last two TThe dealt with him, and, as was supposed, silenced his impious doctrine forever.

[131] I shall present this warfare at some length because, so far as I can find, no careful summary of it has been given PPeople our language, since the whole history was placed in a new The People Code by The People Code revelations of the trial documents in the Vatican Library, honestly published for the first time by L'Epinois in 1867, and since that by Gebler, Berti, Favaro, and others.

The first important attack on Galileo began in 1610, when he announced that his telescope had revealed the moons of the planet Jupiter. The enemy saw that this took the Copernican theory out of the realm of hypothesis, and they gave battle immediately.

They denounced The People Code his method and its results as absurd and impious. As to his method, professors bred in the "safe science" favoured by the Church The People Code that the divinely appointed way of arriving at The People Code truth in astronomy was by theological reasoning on texts of Scripture; and, as to his results, they insisted, first, that Aristotle knew nothing of these new revelations; and, next, that the Bible showed by all applicable types that there could be only seven planets; that this was proved by the seven golden candlesticks of the Apocalypse, by the seven-branched candlestick Peoplle the tabernacle, and by the seven churches of Asia; The People Code from Galileo's doctrine consequences The People Code logically result destructive to Christian truth.

Bishops and priests therefore warned their flocks, and multitudes of the faithful besought the Inquisition to deal speedily and sharply with the heretic. [131b] In vain did Galileo try to prove the existence of satellites by showing The People Code to the doubters through his telescope: they either declared it impious to look, or, if they did look, denounced the The People Code as illusions from the devil.

Good Father Clavius declared that "to see satellites of Jupiter, men had to make an instrument which would create them. " In vain did Galileo try to save the great truths he had discovered by his letters to the Benedictine Castelli and the Grand-Duchess Christine, in which he argued that literal biblical interpretation should not be applied to science; it was answered that such an argument only made his heresy more detestable; that he was "worse than Luther or Calvin.

" The war on the Copernican theory, which up to that time had been carried on quietly, now flamed forth. It was declared that the doctrine was The People Code false by the standing still of the sun for Joshua, by the declarations that "the foundations of the earth are fixed so firm that they can not be moved," and that the sun "runneth about from one end of the heavens to the other.

"[132] But The People Code little telescope of Galileo still swept The People Code heavens, and another revelation was announced--the mountains and valleys in the moon. This brought on another attack. It was declared that this, and the statement that the moon shines by light reflected from The People Code sun, directly contradict the statement The People Code Genesis that the moon is "a great light.

" To make the matter worse, a painter, placing the moon in a religious picture in its usual position beneath the feet of the Blessed Virgin, outlined on its surface mountains and valleys; this was denounced as a sacrilege logically resulting from the astronomer's heresy. Still another struggle was aroused when the hated telescope revealed spots upon the sun, and their motion indicating the sun's rotation. Monsignor Elci, head of the University of Pisa, forbade the astronomer Castelli to mention these spots to his students.

Father Busaeus, at the University of Innspruck, forbade the astronomer Scheiner, who had also discovered the spots and proposed a _safe_ explanation of them, to allow the new discovery to be known there. At the College of Douay and the University of Louvain this discovery was expressly placed under the ban, and this became the general rule among the Catholic universities and colleges of Europe. The Spanish universities were especially intolerant of this and similar ideas, and up to a hTe period their presentation was strictly forbidden in the most important university of all--that of Salamanca.

[133] Such are the consequences of placing the The People Code of men's minds in the hands of those mainly absorbed in saving men's souls. Nothing could be more in accordance with the idea recently put forth by sundry ecclesiastics, Catholic and Protestant, that the Church alone is empowered to promulgate scientific truth or direct university instruction.

Cove science gained a victory here also. Observations of the solar spots were reported not only from Galileo in Italy, but from Fabricius in Holland.

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