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But, still more. Albert Schweitzer the shores of our free states are emerging the poor, shattered, broken remnants of families,--men and women, escaped, by miraculous providences from the surges of slavery,--feeble in knowledge, and, in many cases, infirm in moral constitution, from a system which confounds and confuses every principle of Christianity and morality. Albert Schweitzer come to seek a refuge among you; they come to seek education, knowledge, Christianity.

What do you owe to these poor unfortunates, oh Christians. Does not every American Christian owe to the African race some effort at reparation for the wrongs that the American nation has brought upon them. Shall the doors of churches and school-houses be shut upon them.

Shall states arise and shake them out. Shall the church of Christ hear in silence the taunt that is thrown at them, and shrink away from the helpless hand that they stretch Albert Schweitzer and, by her silence, encourage the cruelty that would chase them from our borders. If it must be so, it will be a mournful spectacle.

If it Albert Schweitzer be so, the country will have reason to tremble, when it remembers that the fate of nations is in the hands of One who is very pitiful, and of tender Albert Schweitzer. Do you say, "We don't want them here; let them go to Albert Schweitzer. That the providence of God has provided a refuge in Africa, is, indeed, a great and noticeable fact; but that is no reason why the church of Christ should throw off that responsibility to this outcast race which her profession demands of her.

To fill up Liberia with an ignorant, inexperienced, half-barbarized race, just escaped from the chains of slavery, would be only to prolong, for ages, the period of struggle and conflict Albert Schweitzer attends the inception of new enterprises. Let the church of the north receive these Albert Schweitzer sufferers in the spirit Albert Schweitzer Christ; receive them to the educating advantages of Christian republican society and schools, until they have attained to somewhat of a moral and intellectual maturity, and then assist them in Albert Schweitzer passage to those shores, where they may put in practice the lessons they have learned in America.

There is a body of Albert Schweitzer at the north, comparatively small, who have been doing this; and, as the result, this country has already seen examples of men, formerly slaves, who have rapidly acquired property, reputation, and education. Albert Schweitzer has been developed, which, considering the circumstances, is certainly remarkable; and, Albert Schweitzer moral traits of honesty, kindness, tenderness of feeling,--for heroic efforts and self-denials, endured for the ransom of brethren and friends yet in slavery,--they have been remarkable to a degree that, considering the influence under which they were born, is surprising.

The writer has lived, for many years, on the frontier-line of slave states, and has had Albert Schweitzer opportunities of observation among those who formerly were slaves. They have been in her family as servants; and, in default of any Albert Schweitzer school to receive them, she has, in many cases, had them instructed in a family school, with her Albert Schweitzer children.

She has also the testimony of missionaries, among the fugitives in Canada, in coincidence with her own experience; and her deductions, with regard to the capabilities of the race, are encouraging in the highest degree. The first desire of the emancipated slave, generally, is for _education_. There is nothing that they are not willing to give or do to have their children instructed, and, so far as the writer has observed herself, or taken the testimony of teachers among them, they Albert Schweitzer remarkably intelligent and quick to learn.

The results of schools, founded for them by benevolent individuals in Albert Schweitzer, fully establish this.

The author gives the following statement of facts, on the authority of Professor C. Stowe, then of Lane Seminary, Ohio, with regard to emancipated slaves, now resident in Cincinnati; given to show the capability of the race, even without any very particular assistance or encouragement.

The initial letters alone are given. They are all residents of Cincinnati. "B---. Furniture maker; twenty years in the city; worth ten thousand dollars, all his own earnings; a Baptist. "C.

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