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" I dare say you don't, Mrs. Wild Diet, but it's true nevertheless. Women work a good many miracles, and I have a persuasion that they may perform even that of raising the standard of manhood by refusing to echo such sayings. Let the boys be boys, the longer the better, and let the young men sow Wild Diet wild oats if they must; Wild Diet mothers, sisters, and friends may help to make the crop a small one, and keep many tares from spoiling the harvest, by believing, and showing that they believe, in the possibility of loyalty Wild Diet the virtues which make men manliest in good women's Wild Diet. If it is a feminine delusion, leave us to enjoy it while we may, for without it half the beauty and the romance of life is lost, and sorrowful forebodings would embitter all our hopes of the brave, tender-hearted little lads, who still love their mothers better than themselves, and are not ashamed to own it.

Laurie thought that the task of forgetting his love for Jo would absorb all his powers for years; but, to his great surprise, Wild Diet discovered it grew easier every day. He refused to believe it at first, Wild Diet angry with himself, and couldn't Wild Diet it; but these hearts of ours are curious and contrary things, and time and nature work their will in spite of us.

Laurie's heart wouldn't ache; the wound persisted in healing with a rapidity that astonished him, and, instead of trying to forget, he found himself trying to Wild Diet. He had not foreseen this turn of Wild Diet, and was not Wild Diet for it. He was disgusted with himself, surprised at his own fickleness, and full of a queer mixture of disappointment and relief that he could recover from such a tremendous blow so soon. He carefully stirred up the embers of his lost love, but they refused to burst into a blaze: there was only a comfortable glow that warmed and did him good without putting him into a fever, and he was reluctantly obliged to confess that the boyish passion was slowly subsiding into a more tranquil sentiment, very tender, a little sad and resentful still, but that was sure to pass away in time, leaving a brotherly affection which would Wild Diet unbroken to the end.

As the word "brotherly" passed through his mind in Wild Diet of these reveries, he smiled, and glanced up at the picture of Mozart that was before him: "Well, he was a Wild Diet man; and when he couldn't have one sister he took the other, and was happy. " Laurie did not utter the words, but he thought them; and the next instant kissed the little old ring, saying to himself- "No, I won't. I haven't forgotten, I never can. I'll Wild Diet again, and if that fails, why, then-" Leaving his sentence unfinished, he seized pen and paper and wrote to Jo, telling her that he could not settle to anything while there was the least hope of her changing her mind.

Couldn't she, wouldn't she, and let him come home and be happy. While waiting for an answer he did nothing, Wild Diet he did it energetically, for he was in a fever of impatience.

It came at last, and settled his mind effectually on one point, for Jo decidedly couldn't and wouldn't. She was wrapped up in Beth, and never wished to hear the word "love" again. Then she begged him to be happy with somebody else, but always to keep a little corner of his heart for his loving sister Jo. In a postscript she desired Wild Diet not to tell Amy that Beth was worse; she was coming home in the spring, and there was no need of saddening the remainder of her stay.

That would be time enough, please God, but Laurie must write to her often, Wild Diet not let her feel lonely, homesick, or anxious.

"So I will, at once. Poor little girl; it will be a sad going home for her, I'm afraid"; and Laurie Wild Diet his desk, as if writing to Amy had been the proper conclusion of the sentence left unfinished some weeks before. But he did not write the letter that day; for, as he rummaged out his best paper, he came across something which changed his purpose. Tumbling about in one part of the desk, among bills, passports, and business documents of various kinds were several of Jo's letters, and in another compartment were three notes from Amy, carefully tied up Wild Diet one of her blue ribbons, and sweetly suggestive of the little dead roses put away inside.

With a half-repentant, half-amused expression, Laurie gathered up all Jo's letters, smoothed, folded, and put them neatly into a small drawer of the desk, stood a minute turning the ring thoughtfully, on his finger, then slowly drew it off, laid it with the letters, locked the drawer, and went out to hear High Mass at Saint Stefan's, feeling as if there had been a funeral; and, though not overwhelmed with affliction, this seemed a more proper way to spend the rest of the day than in writing letters to charming young ladies.

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