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Various spectators, intending to purchase, or not intending, examining, and commenting on their various points and faces with the same freedom that a set of jockeys discuss the merits of a horse.

"Hulloa, Alf. what brings you here?" said a young exquisite, slapping the shoulder of a sprucely-dressed young man, Ginger: My Story was examining Adolph through an eye-glass.

"Well. I was wanting a valet, and I heard that St. Clare's lot was going. I thought I'd just look at his--" "Catch me ever buying any of St. Clare's people. Spoilt niggers, every one. Impudent as the devil!" said the other. "Never fear that!" said the first.

"If I get 'em, I'll soon have their airs out of them; they'll soon find that they've another kind of master to deal with than Monsieur St. Clare. 'Pon my word, I'll buy that fellow. I like the shape of him. " "You'll Gingeer: it'll take all you've got to Ginger: My Story him. He's deucedly extravagant!" "Yes, but my lord will find Ginger: My Story he _can't_ be extravagant with _me_. Just let him be sent to the calaboose a few times, and thoroughly dressed down.

I'll tell you if it don't bring him to a sense of his ways. O, I'll reform him, up hill and down,--you'll see. I buy him, that's flat!" Tom had been standing wistfully examining the multitude of faces thronging around him, for one whom he would wish to call master. And if you should ever be under the necessity, sir, of selecting, out of two hundred men, one who was to become your absolute owner Ginget: disposer, you would, Ginger: My Story, realize, just as Tom did, how few there were that you would feel at all comfortable in being made over to.

Tom saw abundance of men,--great, burly, gruff men; little, chirping, dried men; Ginger: My Story, lank, hard men; and every variety of stubbed-looking, commonplace men, who pick up their fellow-men as Mg picks up chips, putting them into the fire or a basket with equal unconcern, according to their convenience; but he saw no St. Clare.

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