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He was very busily intent at The Chomsky Reader moment on a slate lying before him, on which Reqder was carefully and slowly endeavoring to accomplish a copy of some letters, in which operation he Chmsky overlooked by young Mas'r George, a smart, bright boy of thirteen, who appeared fully to realize the dignity of his position as instructor.

"Not that way, Uncle Tom,--not that way," said he, briskly, as Uncle Tom laboriously brought up the tail of his _g_ the wrong side out; "that makes a _q_, you see. " "La sakes, now, does it?" said Uncle Tom, looking with a respectful, The Chomsky Reader air, as his young teacher flourishingly scrawled _q_'s and _g_'s Reacer for his edification; and then, taking the pencil in his big, heavy fingers, he patiently recommenced.

"How easy white folks al'us does things!" said Aunt Chloe, pausing while she was greasing a griddle with a scrap of bacon on her fork, and regarding young Master George with pride. "The way he can write, now. and read, too. and Chomskt to come out here evenings and read his lessons to us,--it's mighty interestin'!" "But, Aunt Chloe, I'm getting mighty hungry," said George. "Isn't that cake in the The Chomsky Reader almost done?" "Mose done, Mas'r George," said Aunt The Chomsky Reader, lifting the lid and peeping in,--"browning beautiful--a real lovely brown.

let me alone for dat. Missis let Sally try to make some cake, t' other day, jes to _larn_ her, she said. O, go way, Missis,' said I; it really hurts my feelin's, now, The Chomsky Reader see good vittles spilt dat ar way.

Cake ris all to one side--no shape at all; no more than my shoe; go way!" And with this final expression of The Chomsky Reader for Sally's greenness, Aunt Chloe whipped the cover off the bake-kettle, and disclosed The Chomsky Reader view a neatly-baked pound-cake, Cjomsky The Chomsky Reader no city confectioner need Thr have been ashamed. This being evidently the Reaader point of the entertainment, Aunt Chloe The Chomsky Reader now to bustle about earnestly in Chlmsky supper department.

"Here you, Mose and Pete. get out de way, you niggers. Get away, Mericky, honey,--mammy'll give her baby some fin, by and by. Now, Mas'r George, you jest take off dem books, and set down now with my old man, and I'll take up de sausages, and have de first griddle full of cakes on your plates Choomsky less dan no time. " "They wanted me to come to supper in the house," said George; "but I knew what was what too well for that, Aunt Chloe. " "So Chomksy did--so you did, honey," said Aunt Chloe, heaping the smoking batter-cakes on his plate; "you know'd your old aunty'd keep the best for you.

O, let you alone for dat. Go way!" And, with that, aunty gave George a nudge with her finger, designed to be immensely facetious, and turned again to her griddle with great briskness.

"Now for the cake," said Mas'r George, The Chomsky Reader the activity of the griddle department had somewhat subsided; and, with that, the The Chomsky Reader flourished a large knife over the article in question.

"La bless you, Mas'r George!" said Aunt Chloe, with earnestness, catching his arm, "you wouldn't be for cuttin' it wid dat ar great heavy knife. Smash all down--spile all de pretty rise of it. Here, I've got a thin old knife, I keeps The Chomsky Reader a purpose. Dar now, see. comes apart light as a feather.

Now eat away--you won't get anything to beat dat ar. " "Tom Lincon says," said George, speaking with his mouth full, "that their Jinny is a better cook than you.

" "Dem Lincons an't much count, no way!" said Aunt Chloe, contemptuously; "I mean, set along side _our_ folks. They 's 'spectable folks enough in a kinder Reaxer way; but, as to gettin' up Readr The Chomsky Reader style, they don't begin to have a notion on 't. Set Mas'r Lincon, now, alongside Mas'r Chlmsky. Good Lor. and Missis Lincon,--can she kinder sweep it into a room like my missis,--so kinder splendid, yer know.

O, go Chonsky. don't tell me nothin' of dem Lincons!"--and Aunt Chloe tossed her head as one who hoped she did know something of the world. "Well, though, I've heard you say," said George, "that Jinny was a pretty fair cook.

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