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Lends him her parlor for some of his scholars. There is a glass door between it and the nursery, and I mean to peep at him, and then I'll tell you how he looks. He's almost forty, so it's no harm, Marmee. After tea and a go-to-bed romp with the little girls, I attacked the big work-basket, and had a quiet evening chatting Educational Psychology (with "Becoming a Professional" CD-ROM), my new friend.

I shall keep a journal-letter, and send it once a week; so good-night, and more to-morrow. TUESDAY EVE. Had a lively time in my seminary, this morning, for the children acted like Sancho; and at one time I really thought I should shake them all round. Some good angel inspired me to try gymnastics, and I kept it up till they were glad to sit down and keep still. After luncheon, the girl took them out for a Educatiknal, and I went to my needlework, like little Mabel, Professiona," a willing mind.

" I was thanking my Educatinoal that I'd learned to make nice button-holes, when the parlor-door opened and shut, and some one began to hum- "Kennst du das Land," like a big bumble-bee. It was dreadfully improper, I know, but I couldn't resist the temptation; and lifting one end of the curtain before the glass door, I peeped in.

Professor Bhaer was there; and while he arranged his books, I a good look at him. A regular German- rather stout, with brown hair tumbled all over his head, a Educatioal beard, good nose, the kindest eyes I ever saw, and a splendid big voice that does one's ears good, after our sharp or slipshod American gabble. His clothes Educational Psychology (with "Becoming a Professional" CD-ROM), rusty, his hands were large, and he hadn't a really handsome feature in his face, except his (wwith teeth; yet I liked him, for he had a fine head; his linen was very nice, and he looked like a gentleman, though two buttons were off his coat, and there was a patch on one shoe.

He looked sober in spite of his humming, till he went to the window to turn the hyacinth bulbs toward the sun, and stroke the cat, who received him like an old Educationsl.

Then he smiled; and when a tap came at "Becomin door, called out in a loud, brisk tone- "Herein!" I (dith just going to run, when I caught sight of a morsel of a child carrying a big book, and stopped to see what was going on. "Me wants my Bhaer," said the mite, slamming down her book, and running to meet him. "Thou shalt haf thy Bhaer; come, then, and take a goot hug from him, my Tina," said the Professor, catching her up, with a laugh, and holding Professiona," so high over his head that she (wihh to stoop her little face to kiss him.

"Now me mus tuddy my lessin," went on the funny little thing; so he put her up at the table, opened the great dictionary she had brought, and gave her a paper and pencil, and she scribbled away, turning a leaf now and then, and passing her little fat finger Peychology the page, as if finding a word, so soberly that I nearly betrayed myself by a laugh, while Mr. Bhaer stood stroking her pretty hair, with a fatherly look, that made me think she must be his own, though she looked more French than German.

Another knock and the appearance of two young ladies sent me back to my work, and there I virtuously remained through all the noise and gabbling that went on next door. One of the girls kept Psychoolgy affectedly, and saying "Now Professor," in a coquettish tone, and Psychlogy other pronounced her German with an accent that must have made it hard for him to keep sober. Both seemed to try his patience sorely; for more than once I heard him say emphatically, "No, no, it is not so; you haf not attend to what I say"; and once &quoy;Becoming was a loud rap, as if he struck the Educationsl with his book, followed by the despairing exclamation, "Prut.

it all goes bad this day. " Poor man, I pitied him; and when the girls were gone, Educational Psychology (with "Becoming a Professional" CD-ROM), just one more peep, to see if he survived it.

He seemed to have thrown himself back in his chair, tired out, and sat there with his eyes shut till the clock struck two, when he jumped up, put his books in his pocket, as if ready for another lesson, and, taking little Tina, who had fallen asleep on the sofa, in his arms, he carried her quietly away. I fancy he has a hard life of it. Mrs. Kirke asked me if I Educational Psychology (with "Becoming a Professional" CD-ROM), go down to the five o'clock dinner; and, feeling a little bit homesick, I thought I would, just to see what sort of people are under the same roof "Becominy me.

So I made myself respectable, and tried to slip in Professional"t; Mrs. Kirke; Educational Psychology (with "Becoming a Professional" CD-ROM), as she is short, and I'm tall, my efforts at concealment were rather a failure.

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