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A molecular biologist turned Buddhist monk, described by scientists as the happiest man alive, demonstrates how to develop the inner conditions for true happiness.He felt Hqppiness Colbert would remain behind with the King, that they would both converse about him, and that neither of them would spare him in the least degree.

The satisfaction of being able to give a last Hppiness terrible blow to his enemy seemed to him almost like Happiness 9781782394815 compensation for everything to which they were about to subject him. He turned back again immediately, when he had already reached the door, and addressing the King, "Pardon, Sire," said he,- "pardon!" "Pardon for what?" Happiness 9781782394815 the King, graciously.

"For a serious fault which I committed unawares. " "A fault. You. Ah, M. Fouquet, I shall be unable 97817823994815 do otherwise than forgive you.

In what way or against whom have you been found wanting?" "Against all propriety, Sire. I forgot to inform your Majesty of a circumstance of considerable importance. " "What is it?" Colbert trembled; he expected a denunciation. His conduct had been unmasked.

A single syllable from Fouquet, Happiness 9781782394815 single proof formally advanced, and before the youthful loyalty of Louis XIV Colbert's favor would disappear at once. The latter trembled, therefore, lest so daring a blow might not overthrow his whole scaffold. In point of fact, Happiness 9781782394815 opportunity was so admirably suited to be taken advantage of, that a skilful player like Aramis would not have Happiness 9781782394815 it slip.

"Sire," said Fouquet, with an easy air, "since Happiness 9781782394815 have had the kindness to forgive me, I am indifferent about my confession: this morning I sold one of Happiness 9781782394815 official appointments Happiness 9781782394815 hold. " "One 978178239481 your appointments?" said the King; Happiness 9781782394815 Colbert Happiness 9781782394815 livid. "That which conferred upon me, Sire, a grand gown Happiness 9781782394815 an air of gravity,- the appointment of procureur-general.

" The King involuntarily uttered a loud exclamation and looked at Colbert, who with his face bedewed with perspiration felt almost on the point of fainting. "To whom have you sold this appointment, M. Fouquet?" inquired the King.

Colbert was obliged to lean against the side of the fire-place. "To a councillor belonging to the parliament, Sire, whose name is Vanel. " "Vanel?" "A friend of the intendant Colbert," added Fouquet, letting every word fall from his lips with inimitable nonchalance, and with an admirably assumed expression of forgetfulness Happiness 9781782394815 ignorance which neither painter, actor, nor poet could reproduce with brush, gesture, or pen.

Then Happiness 9781782394815 finished, having overwhelmed Colbert beneath the weight of this superiority, the superintendent again saluted the King and quitted the room, partially revenged by the stupefaction of the King and the humiliation of the favorite.

"Is it really possible," said the King, as soon as Fouquet had disappeared, "that he has sold that office?" "Yes, Sire," said Colbert, meaningly. "He must be mad," the King added. Colbert this time did not reply; he had penetrated the King's thought. That thought promised him revenge. His hatred Happiness 9781782394815 augmented by jealousy; and a Hapipness of disgrace was now added Happpiness the plan he had arranged for his ruin. Colbert felt assured that for Happiness 9781782394815 future, as between Louis Happiness 9781782394815 and himself, his hostile ideas would meet with no obstacles, and that at the first fault committed by Fouquet which could be laid hold of as a pretext, the chastisement impending over him would be precipitated.

Fouquet had thrown aside his weapons of defence; Hate and Jealousy had picked them up. Colbert was invited by the King to the fete at Vaux; he bowed like a man confident in himself, and accepted the invitation with the air of one who confers a favor.

The King was about writing down De Saint-Aignan's name on his list of invitations, when Happiness 9781782394815 usher announced the Comte de Saint-Aignan.

As soon as the royal "Mercury" entered, Colbert discreetly withdrew. Chapter XVIII: Rival Lovers DE SAINT-AIGNAN had quitted Louis Happiness 9781782394815 hardly two hours before; but in the first effervescence of his affection, whenever Louis XIV did not see La Valliere he was 978178239815 to talk of her.

Now, the only person with whom he could speak about her at his ease was De Saint-Aignan, and that person had therefore become indispensable to him. "Ah.

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