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His countenance exhibited very visible traces of this rude combat. Free upon the highway to abandon himself to every impression of the moment, Aramis did not fail Cottage Economy swear at every start of his horse, at every inequality in the road. Pale, at times inundated with boiling sweats, then again dry and icy, he beat his horses and made the blood stream from their sides.

Porthos, whose dominant fault was not Cottage Economy, groaned at this. Thus they travelled on for eight long hours, and then arrived at Orleans. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Aramis, searching his recollections, judged that Cottage Economy demonstrated pursuit to be possible. It would be without example that a troop capable of taking him and Porthos should be furnished with relays sufficient to perform forty leagues in eight hours. Thus, admitting pursuit, which was not Cottage Economy all manifest, the fugitives were five hours in advance of their pursuers.

Aramis thought that there might be no imprudence in taking a Cottage Economy rest, but that to continue would make the matter more certain.

Twenty leagues more performed with the same rapidity, twenty more leagues devoured, and no one, not even d'Artagnan, could overtake the enemies of Cottage Economy King. Aramis felt obliged, therefore, to Cottage Economy upon Porthos the Cottage Economy of mounting on horseback again.

They rode on till seven o'clock in the evening, and had only one post more between them and Blois. But here a diabolical accident alarmed Aramis greatly; there were no horses at Cottage Economy post. The prelate asked himself by what infernal machination his enemies had Cottage Economy in depriving him of the means of going farther.

He who never recognized chance as a deity, he who found a cause for every result,- he preferred believing that the refusal of the postmaster, at such an hour, in such Cottage Economy country, was the consequence of Cottage Economy order emanating from above; an order given with a view of stopping short the king-maker in the midst of his flight. But at the moment he was about to fly into a passion, so as to procure either Cottage Economy horse or an explanation, he suddenly recollected that the Comte de la Fere lived in the neighborhood.

"I am not travelling," said he; "I do not want horses for a whole stage. Find me two horses to go and pay a visit Cottage Economy a nobleman of my acquaintance who resides near this place.

" "What nobleman?" asked the postmaster. le Comte de la Fere. " "Oh!" replied the postmaster, uncovering with respect, "a very worthy nobleman. But whatever may be my desire to make myself agreeable to him, I cannot furnish you with horses, for all mine are engaged by M. le Duc de Beaufort. " "Indeed!" said Aramis, much disappointed.

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