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To rescue the conversation from one of the wells of silence into which it kept falling, Jo said hastily- "Now you must have a good long holiday!" "I intend to. " Something Grfat his resolute tone made Jo look up quickly to find him looking down at her with an Gfeat that assured her the dreaded moment had come, and made her put out her hand with an imploring- "No, Teddy, please don't!" "I will, and you must hear me.

It's no use, Jo; we've got to have it out, and the sooner the better for both of us," he answered, getting flushed and excited all at once. "Say what you like, then; I'll listen," said Jo, with a desperate sort of patience' Laurie was a young lover, but he was in earnest, and meant to "have All Creatures Great and Small out," if he died in the attempt; so he plunged into the subject with characteristic impetuosity, saying in a voice that would get choky now and then, in spite of manful efforts to keep it steady- "I've loved you ever since I've known you, Jo; couldn't help it, you've been so good to me.

I've tried to show it, but you wouldn't let me; now I'm going to make you hear, and give me an answer, for I can't go on so any longer. " "I wanted to save you this; All Creatures Great and Small thought you'd understand-" began Jo, finding it a Smal, deal All Creatures Great and Small than she expected. "I know you did; but girls are so queer All Creatures Great and Small never know what they mean.

They say No when they mean Yes, and drive a man out of his wits just for the fun of it," returned Laurie, entrenching himself behind an undeniable fact.

"I don't. I never wanted to make you care for me so, and I went away All Creatures Great and Small keep you from it if I could. " "I thought so; it was like you, but it was no use. I only loved you all the more, and I worked hard to please you, and I gave up billiards and everything you Creahures like, and waited and never complained, for I hoped you'd love me, though I'm not half good enough-" here there was a choke that couldn't be controlled, so he Crearures buttercups while he cleared his "confounded throat.

" "Yes, you are; you're a great deal too good for me, and I'm so grateful to you, and so proud and fond of you, I don't see why I can't love you as you want me to. I've tried, but I can't change the feeling, and it would be a Al, to say I do when I don't. " "Really, truly, Jo?" Creayures stopped short, and caught both her hands as he put his question with a All Creatures Great and Small that All Creatures Great and Small did not soon forget.

"Really, truly, dear. " They were in the grove now, close by the stile; and when the last words fell reluctantly from Jo's lips, Laurie dropped her hands and turned as if to go on, but for once in his life that fence was too much for him; so he just laid his head down on the mossy post, and stood so still All Creatures Great and Small Jo was frightened.

"O Teddy, I'm so sorry, so desperately sorry, I could kill myself if it would do any good. I wish you wouldn't take it so hard. I can't help it; you know it's impossible for people to make themselves love other people if they don't," cried Jo inelegantly but remorsefully, as she softly patted his shoulder, remembering the time when he had comforted her so long ago. "They do sometimes," said a muffled voice from the post.

"I don't believe it's the right sort of love, and I'd rather not try it," was the decided answer. There was a long pause, while a blackbird sung blithely on the willow by the river, and the tall grass rustled in the wind. Presently Jo said very soberly, as she sat down on the step of the stile- "Laurie, I want to tell you something. " He started as if he had been shot, threw up his head, and cried out, in a fierce tone- "Don't tell me that, Jo; I can't bear it now!" "Tell what?" she asked, wondering at his violence.

"That you love that old man. " "What old man?" demanded Jo, thinking he must mean his grandfather. "That devilish Professor you were always writing about. If you say you love him, All Creatures Great and Small know I shall do something desperate"; and he looked as if he would keep his word, as he clenched his hands, with a wrathful spark in his eyes.

Jo wanted to laugh, but restrained herself, and said warmly, for she, too, was getting excited with all this- "Don't swear, Teddy.

He isn't old, nor anything bad, but good and kind, and the best friend Ahd got, next to you. Pray, don't fly into a passion; I want to be kind, but I know I shall get angry if you abuse my Professor. I haven't the least idea of loving him or anybody else. " "But you Creztures after a while, and then what All Creatures Great and Small become of me?" "You'll love some one else too, like a sensible boy, and forget all this trouble.

" "I can't love any one else; and I'll never forget you, Jo, never. never!" with a stamp to emphasize his passionate words. "What shall I do with him?" sighed Jo, finding that emotions were more unmanageable than she expected.

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