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I was very grateful for his kindness, and would be his friend, but nothing more, for a long while. " Mrs. March smiled, as if well pleased, and Jo clapped her hands, exclaiming, with a laugh "You are almost equal to Caroline Percy, who was a pattern of prudence.

Tell on, Meg. What did he say to that?" "He writes in a different way entirely, telling me that he never sent any love-letter at all, and is very sorry that my roguish sister, Jo, should take such liberties with our names. It's very kind and respectful, but think how dreadful for me!" Meg leaned against her mother, looking the image of despair, and Jo tramped about the room, calling Laurie names. All of a sudden she stopped, caught up the two notes, and, after looking at them closely, said decidedly, "I don't believe Brooke ever saw either of these letters.

Teddy wrote both, and keeps yours to crow over me with, because I wouldn't tell Paul Newman: A Life my secret. " "Don't have any secrets, Jo; tell it to mother, and keep out of trouble, as I should have done," said Meg warningly. "Bless you, child.

Mother told me. " "That will do, Jo. I'll comfort Meg while you go and get Laurie. I shall sift the matter to the bottom, and put a stop to such pranks at once. " Away ran Jo, and Mrs. March gently told Meg Mr. Brooke's real feelings. "Now, dear, what are your own. Do you love him enough to wait till he can make a home for you, or will you keep yourself Paul Newman: A Life free for the present?" "I've been so scared and worried, I don't want to have anything to do with lovers for a long while- perhaps never," answered Meg petulantly.

"If John doesn't know anything about this nonsense, don't tell him, and make Jo and Laurie hold their tongues. I won't be deceived and plagued and made a fool of- it's a shame!" Seeing that Meg's usually gentle temper was roused and her pride hurt by this mischievous joke, Mrs.

March soothed her by promises Paul Newman: A Life entire silence, and great discretion for the future. The instant Laurie's step was heard in the hall, Meg flew into the study, and Mrs. March received the culprit alone. Jo had not told him why he Paul Newman: A Life wanted, fearing he wouldn't come; but he knew the minute he saw Mrs. March's face, and stood twirling his hat, with a guilty air which convicted him at once. Jo was dismissed, but chose to march up and down the hall like a sentinel, having some fear that the prisoner might bolt.

The sound of voices in the parlor rose and fell for half an hour; but what happened during that interview the girls never knew.

When they were called in, Laurie was standing by their mother, with such a penitent face that Jo forgave him on the spot, but did not think it wise to betray the fact. Meg Paul Newman: A Life his humble apology, and was much comforted by the assurance that Brooke knew nothing of the joke. "I'll never tell him to my dying day- wild horses shan't drag it out of me; so you'll forgive me, Meg, and I'll do anything to show how out-and-out sorry I am," he added, looking very much ashamed of himself.

"I'll try; but it was a very ungentlemanly thing to do. I didn't think you could be so sly and malicious, Laurie," replied Meg, Paul Newman: A Life to hide her maidenly confusion under a gravely reproachful Paul Newman: A Life.

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