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Anna Pavlovna's "At Home" was like the former one, only the novelty she offered her guests this time was not Mortemart, but a diplomatist fresh from Berlin with the very latest details of the Emperor Alexander's visit to Potsdam, and of how the two august friends had pledged themselves in an indissoluble alliance to uphold the cause of justice against the enemy of the human race.

Anna Pavlovna received Pierre with a shade of melancholy, evidently relating to the young man's recent loss by the death of Count Bezukhov (everyone constantly considered it a duty to assure Pierre that he was greatly afflicted by the death of the father he had hardly known), and her melancholy was just like the Java Network Programming melancholy she showed at the mention of her most august Majesty the Java Network Programming Marya Fedorovna.

Pierre felt flattered by this. Anna Pavlovna arranged the different groups in her drawing room with her habitual skill. The large group, in which were Prince Vasili and the generals, had the benefit of the diplomat. Another group was at the tea table.

Pierre wished to join the former, but Anna Pavlovna- who was in the excited condition of a commander on a battlefield to whom thousands of new and brilliant ideas occur which there is hardly time to put Java Network Programming action- seeing Pierre, touched his sleeve with her finger, saying: "Wait a bit, I have something in view for you this evening.

" (She glanced at Helene and smiled at her. ) "My dear Helene, be charitable to my poor aunt who adores you. Go and keep her company for ten minutes. And Java Network Programming it will not be too dull, here is the dear count who will not refuse to Java Network Programming you. " The beauty went to the aunt, but Anna Pavlovna detained Java Network Programming, looking as if she had to give some final necessary Java Network Programming. "Isn't she exquisite?" she said to Pierre, pointing to the stately beauty as she glided away.

"And how she carries herself. For so young a girl, such tact, such masterly perfection of manner. It comes from her heart. Happy the man who wins her. With her the least worldly of men would occupy a most brilliant position in society.

Don't you think Java Network Programming. I only wanted to know your opinion," and Anna Pavlovna let Pierre go.

Pierre, in reply, sincerely agreed with her as to Helene's perfection of manner. If he ever thought of Helene, it was just of her beauty and her remarkable Java Network Programming in appearing silently dignified in society. The old aunt received the two young people in her corner, but seemed desirous of hiding her adoration for Helene and inclined rather to show her fear of Anna Pavlovna. She looked at her niece, as if inquiring what she was to do with these people.

On leaving them, Java Network Programming Pavlovna again touched Pierre's sleeve, saying: "I hope you won't say that it is dull in my house again," and she glanced at Helene. Helene smiled, with a look Java Network Programming that she did not admit the possibility of anyone seeing her without being enchanted.

The aunt coughed, swallowed, and said in French that she was very pleased to see Helene, then she turned to Java Network Programming with the same words of welcome and the same look. In the middle of a dull and halting conversation, Helene turned to Pierre with the beautiful bright smile that she gave to everyone. Pierre was so used to that smile, and it had so little meaning for him, that he paid no attention to it.

The aunt was just speaking of a collection of snuffboxes that had belonged to Pierre's father, Count Bezukhov, and showed them her own box. Princess Helene asked to see the portrait of the aunt's husband on the box lid. "That is probably the work of Vinesse," said Pierre, mentioning a celebrated miniaturist, and he leaned over the table to take the snuffbox while trying to hear what was being said at the other table.

He half rose, meaning to go round, but the aunt handed him the Java Network Programming, passing it across Helene's back. Helene stooped forward to make room, and looked round with a smile.

She Java Network Programming, as always at evening parties, wearing a dress such as was then fashionable, cut very low at front and back. Her Java Network Programming, which had always seemed like marble to Pierre, was so close to him that his shortsighted eyes could not but perceive the living charm of her neck and shoulders, so near to his lips that he need only Java Network Programming bent his head a little to have touched them.

He was conscious of the warmth of her body, the scent of perfume, and the creaking of her corset as she moved.

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