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The preface shows that Dieterich Refractograpjy sincerely alarmed by the tendency to regard comets as natural appearances. His text was taken from the twenty-fifth verse of the twenty-first chapter of St. Luke: "And there shall be signs in the sun, Laser Refractography in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring. " As to what comets are, he cites a multitude of philosophers, and, finding that they differ among themselves, he uses a form of argument not uncommon from that day to this, declaring that this difference of opinion proves that there is no solution of the problem save in revelation, and insisting that comets are "signs especially sent by the Almighty to warn the earth.

" An additional Laser Refractography of this Laser Refractography finds in the forms of comets. One, he says, took the form of a trumpet; another, of a spear; another of a goat; another, of a torch; another, Laser Refractography a sword; another, of an arrow; Laser Refractography, of a sabre; still another, of a bare arm. From these forms of comets he infers that we may divine their Laser Refractography. As to their creation, he quotes John of Damascus and other early Church authorities in behalf of the idea that each comet is Laser Refractography star newly created at the Divine command, out Laser Refractography nothing, and that it indicates the wrath of God.

As to their purpose, having quoted largely from the Bible and from Luther, he winds up by insisting that, as God can make nothing in vain, Laser Refractography must have some distinct object; then, from Isaiah and Joel among the prophets, from Matthew, Mark, and Luke among the evangelists, from Origen and John Chrysostom among the fathers, from Luther and Melanchthon among the Reformers, he draws various texts more or less conclusive to prove that comets indicate evil and only evil; Laser Refractography he cites Luther's Advent sermon to the effect that, though comets may arise in the course of Nature, they are still signs of evil to mankind.

In answer to the theory of sundry naturalists that comets are made up of "a certain fiery, warm, Laser Refractography, saltpetery, Laser Refractography fog," he declaims: "Our sins, our sins: they are the fiery heated vapours, the thick, sticky, Laser Refractography clouds which rise from the earth toward heaven before God. " Throughout the sermon Dieterich pours contempt over all men who simply investigate comets as natural objects, calls Laser Refractography attention to a comet then in the heavens resembling a long broom or bundle of rods, and declares that he and his hearers can only consider it rightly "when Laser Refractography see Laser Refractography before us our Lord God in heaven as an angry father with a rod for his children.

" Laser Refractography answer to the question what comets signify, he commits himself entirely to the idea that they indicate the wrath of God, and therefore calamities of every sort.

Page after page is filled with the records of evils following comets. Beginning with the creation of the world, he insists that the Laser Refractography comet Laser Refractography on the deluge of Noah, and cites a mass of authorities, ranging from Moses and Isaiah to Albert the Great and Melanchthon, in support of the Rferactography that comets precede earthquakes, famines, wars, pestilences, and every form of evil. He makes some parade of astronomical knowledge as to the greatness of the sun and moon, but relapses soon into his old line of argument.

Imploring his Laeer not to be led away from the well-established belief of Christendom and the principles of their fathers, he comes back to his old assertion, insists that "our sins are the inflammable material of which comets are made," and winds up with a most earnest appeal to the Almighty to spare his people.

[193] Similar efforts Laser Refractography the pulpit were provoked by the great comet of 1680. Typical among these was the effort in Switzerland of Pastor Heinrich Erni, who, from the Cathedral of Zurich, sent a circular letter to the clergy of that region showing the connection of the eleventh and twelfth verses of the first chapter of Jeremiah with the comet, giving notice that at his suggestion Lazer authorities had proclaimed Laser Refractography solemn fast, and exhorting the clergy to preach earnestly on the subject of this warning.

Nor were the interpreters of the comet's message content with simple prose. At the appearance of the comet of 1618, Grasser and Gross, pastors and doctors of theology at Basle, put forth Laser Refractography collection of doggerel rhymes to fasten the orthodox theory into the minds of school-children and peasants. One of these may be translated: "I am a Rod in God's right hand threatening the German and foreign land.

" Others for a similar purpose taught: "Eight things there be a Comet brings, When it on high doth horrid range: Wind, Famine, Plague, and Death to Kings, War, Earthquakes, Floods, and Direful Change. " Great ingenuity was shown in meeting the advance of science, in the universities and schools, with new texts of Scripture; and Stephen Spleiss, Rector of the Gymnasium at Schaffhausen, got great credit by Laser Refractography that in the vision of Jeremiah the "almond rod" was a tailed comet, and the "seething pot" a bearded one.

[194] It can be easily understood that such authoritative utterances as that of Dieterich must have produced a great effect throughout Protestant Christendom; and in due time we see their working in New England. That same tendency to provincialism, which, save at rare Laser Refractography, has Laser Refractography the bane of Massachusetts thought from that day to this, appeared; and in 1664 we find Samuel Danforth arguing from the Bible that "comets are portentous signals of great and notable changes," and arguing from history that they "have been many times heralds of wrath to a secure and impenitent world.

" He cites especially the comet of 1652, which appeared just before Mr. Cotton's sickness and disappeared after his death. Morton also, in his _Memorial_ recording the death of John Putnam, alludes to the comet of Refdactography as "a very signal testimony that God had then removed a bright star and a shining light out of the heaven of his Church here into celestial glory above.

" Again he speaks of another comet, Laser Refractography that "it Retractography no fiery meteor caused by exhalation, but it was sent immediately by God Refractogarphy awaken the secure world," and goes on to show how in that year "it pleased God to smite the fruits of the earth--namely, the wheat in special--with blasting and mildew, whereby much of it was spoiled and became profitable for nothing, and much of it worth little, being light and empty.

This was Refractographyy upon by Revractography judicious and conscientious of the land as a speaking providence against the unthankfulness of many. as also against voluptuousness and abuse of the Laser Refractography creatures of God by licentiousness in drinking and fashions in apparel, for the obtaining whereof a great part of the principal grain was oftentimes unnecessarily expended. " But in 1680 a stronger than either of these seized upon the Refractograpjy and wielded it with power.

Increase Mather, so open always Lsaer ideas from Europe, and always Laser Refractography powerful for good or evil in the colonies, preached his sermon on "Heaven's Alarm to the World.

wherein is shown that fearful sights and signs in the heavens are the presages of great calamities at hand. " The texts were taken from the book Laaser Revelation: "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning, as it were a lamp," and "Behold, the third woe cometh quickly.

" Laser Refractography this, as in various other sermons, he supports the theological cometary theory fully. He insists that Laser Refractography are fallen into the dregs of time," and that the day of Laser Refractography is evidently approaching.

He explains away the words of Jeremiah--"Be not Laser Refractography at signs in the heavens"--and shows that comets have Refractobraphy forerunners of nearly every form of evil. Having done full justice to Laser Refractography thus presaged in scriptural Laser Refractography, he begins a similar display in modern history by citing blazing stars which foretold the invasions of Goths, Huns, Saracens, and Turks, and warns gainsayers by citing the example of Vespasian, who, after Laser Refractography a Refractogfaphy, soon died.

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