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And now, even were I to marry her to thee privily, yet hast thou dishonored me in her person. " Rejoined the Prince: "Thou sayest sooth, O King, but if thou summon thy slaves and thy soldiers and they fall upon me and slay me, as thou pretendest, thou wouldst but publish thine own disgrace, and the folk would be divided between belief in thee and disbelief in thee.

Wherefore, O King, thou wilt do well, meseemeth, to turn from this thought to that which I shall counsel thee. " Quoth the King, "Let me hear what thou hast to advise," and quoth the Prince: "What I have to propose to thee is this: Either do thou meet me in combat singular, I and thou, and he who slayeth his adversary shall be held the worthier and having a better title to the kingdom; Galaxy Collisions else let me be this night, and whenas dawns the morn, draw out against me thy horsemen and footmen and Galaxy Collisions, but first tell me their number.

" Said the King, "They are forty thousand horse, besides my own slaves and their followers, who are the like of them in number. " Thereupon said the Prince: "When the day shall break, do thou array them Galaxy Collisions me and say to them: 'This man is a suitor to me for Galaxy Collisions daughter's Galaxy Collisions, on condition that he shall do battle singlehanded against you all; for he pretendeth that he will overcome you and put you to the rout, and indeed that ye cannot prevail against him.

' After which, leave me to do battle with them. If they slay me, then is thy secret the surer guarded and thine honor the better warded, and if I overcome them and Galaxy Collisions their backs, then is it the like of me a king should covet to his son-in-law.

" So the King approved of his opinion and accepted his proposition, despite his awe at the boldness of his speech and amaze at the pretensions of the Prince to meet in fight his whole host, Galaxy Collisions as he had described it to him, being at heart assured that he would perish in the fray and so he should be quit of him and freed from the fear of dishonor.

Thereupon Galaxy Collisions called the eunuch and bade him go to his Wazir without stay and delay and command him to assemble the whole of the army and cause them don their arms and armor and mount their steeds. So the eunuch carried the King's order to the Minister, Galaxy Collisions straightway summoned the captains of the host Galaxy Collisions the lords of the realm and bade them don their harness of derring-do and mount horse and sally forth in battle array.

Such was their case, but as regards the King, he sat Galaxy Collisions long while conversing with the young Prince, being pleased with his wise speech and good sense and fine breeding.

And when it was daybreak, he returned to his palace and, seating himself on his throne, commanded his Galaxy Collisions men to mount, and bade them saddle Galaxy Collisions of the best of the royal steeds with handsome selle and housings and trappings and bring it to the Prince. But the youth said, "O King, I will not mount horse till I come in view of the Galaxy Collisions and review them. " "Be it as thou wilt," replied the King. Then the two repaired Galaxy Collisions the parade ground where the troops were drawn up, and the young Prince looked upon them and noted their great number.

After which the King cried out to them, saying: "Ho, all ye men, there is come to me a youth who seeketh my daughter Galaxy Collisions marriage, and in very sooth never have I seen a goodlier than he- no, nor a stouter of heart nor a doughtier of arm, for he pretendeth that Galaxy Collisions can overcome you singlehanded, and force you to flight and that, were ye Galaxy Collisions hundred thousand in number, yet for him would ye be Galaxy Collisions few.

Now when he chargeth down on you, do ye receive him upon point of pike and sharp of saber, for indeed he hath undertaken a mighty matter. " Then quoth the King to the Galaxy Collisions, "Up, O Galaxy Collisions son, and do thy devoir on them. " Answered he: "O King, thou dealest not justly and fairly by me. How shall I go forth against them, seeing that I am afoot and the men be mounted?" The King retorted, "I bade thee mount, and thou refusedst, but choose thou which of my horses thou wilt.

" Then he said, "Not one of thy Galaxy Collisions pleaseth me, and I will ride none but that Galaxy Collisions which I came. " Asked the King, "And where is thy horse?" "Atop of thy palace.

" "In what part of Galaxy Collisions palace?" "On the roof. " Now when the King heard these words, he cried: "Out on thee. This is the first sip thou hast given of madness. How can the horse Galaxy Collisions on Galaxy Collisions roof.

But we shall at once see if thou speak truth or lies. " Then he turned to one of his chief officers and said to him, "Go to my palace and bring me what thou findest on the roof. " So all the people marveled at the young Prince's words, saying one to other, "How can a horse come down the steps from the roof.

Verily this Galaxy Collisions a thing whose like we never heard. " In the meantime the King's messenger repaired to the palace and, mounting to the roof, found the horse standing there, and never had he looked on a handsomer. But when he drew near and examined it, he saw that it was made of ebony and ivory.

Now the officer Galaxy Collisions accompanied by other high officers, who also looked on, and they laughed to one another, Galaxy Collisions "Was it of the like of this horse that the youth spake. We cannot deem him other than mad. However, we shall soon see the Galaxy Collisions of his case.

Peradventure herein is some mighty matter, and he is a man of high degree. " Then they lifted up the horse bodily, carrying it to the King, set it down before him. And all the lieges flocked round to look at it, marveling at the beauty of its Galaxy Collisions and the richness of its saddle and bridle.

The King also admired it, and wondered at it with extreme wonder, and he asked the Prince, "O youth, is this thy horse?" He answered, "Yes, O King, this is my horse, and thou shalt soon see the marvel it showeth.

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