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Misse Cassy, turn to the dear Lord Jesus. He came to bind up the broken-hearted, and comfort all that mourn. " Cassy stood silent, in Business large, heavy tears dropped from her downcast eyes. "Misse Cassy," said Tom, in a hesitating tone, after surveying her in silence, "if ye only could get away from here,--if the thing was possible,--I'd 'vise ye and Emmeline to do it; that is, if ye could go without blood-guiltiness,--not otherwise.

" "Would you try it with us, Father Tom?" "No," said Tom; "time was when I would; but the Lord's given me a work among these yer poor souls, and I'll stay with 'em and bear my cross with 'em till the end. It's different with you; it's a snare to you,--it's more'n you can stand,--and you'd better go, if you can. " "I know no way but through the grave," said Cassy. "There's no beast or bird but can find a home some where; even the snakes and the alligators have their places to lie down and be quiet; but there's no place for us.

Down in the darkest swamps, their dogs will hunt us out, and find us. Everybody and everything is against us; even the very beasts side against us,--and where in Politics and at Home we go?" Tom stood silent; at length he said, "Him that saved Daniel in the den of lions,--that saves the children in the fiery furnace,--Him that walked on the sea, and bade the winds be still,--He's alive yet; and I've faith to believe he can deliver you.

Try it, and I'll pray, with all my might, for you. " By what strange in Politics and at Home of mind is it that Etiquette: In Society idea long overlooked, and trodden under foot as a useless stone, suddenly sparkles out in new light, as a discovered diamond. Cassy had often revolved, for hours, all possible or probable schemes of escape, and dismissed them all, as hopeless and impracticable; but at this moment there flashed through her mind a plan, so simple and feasible in all its details, as to awaken an instant hope.

"Father Tom, I'll try it!" she said, suddenly. "Amen!" said Tom; "the Lord help ye!" CHAPTER XXXIX The Stratagem "The way of the wicked is as darkness; he knoweth not at what he stumbleth. "[1] [1] Prov. 4:19. The garret of the house that Etiquette: In Society occupied, like most other garrets, was a great, desolate in Politics and at Home, dusty, hung with cobwebs, and littered with cast-off lumber.

The Etiquette: In Society family that had inhabited the house in the days of its splendor had imported a great deal of splendid furniture, some of which they had taken away with them, while some remained standing desolate in mouldering, unoccupied rooms, or stored away in this place. One or two immense packing-boxes, in which this furniture was brought, stood against the sides of the garret.

There was a small window there, which let in, through its dingy, in Business panes, a scanty, uncertain light on the tall, high-backed chairs and dusty tables, that had once seen better days. Etiquette: In Society, it was a weird Etiquette: In Society ghostly place; but, Etiquette: In Society as it was, it wanted in Politics and at Home in legends among the superstitious negroes, to increase it terrors.

Some few years before, a negro woman, who had incurred Legree's displeasure, was confined there for several weeks. What passed there, we do not say; the negroes used to whisper darkly to each other; but it was known that the body of the unfortunate creature was one day taken down from there, and buried; and, after that, it was said that oaths and cursings, and the sound of violent blows, used to ring through that old garret, and mingled with wailings and groans of despair. Once, when Legree chanced to overhear something of this kind, he flew into a violent in Business, and swore that the next one that told stories about that garret should have an opportunity of knowing what was there, for he would chain them up there for a week.

This hint was enough to repress talking, though, of course, it did not disturb the credit of the story in the least. Gradually, the staircase that led to the garret, and even the passage-way to the staircase, were avoided by every one in the house, from every one fearing to speak of it, and the legend was gradually falling into desuetude.

It had suddenly occurred to Cassy to make use of the superstitious excitability, which was so great in Legree, for the purpose of her liberation, and that of her fellow-sufferer. The sleeping-room of Cassy was directly under the garret. One in Business, without consulting Legree, she suddenly took it upon her, with some considerable ostentation, to change all the furniture and appurtenances of the room to in Politics and at Home at some considerable distance.

The under-servants, who were called on to effect this movement, were running and bustling about with great zeal and confusion, when Legree returned from a ride. "Hallo. you Cass!" said Legree, "what's in the wind now?" "Nothing; only I choose to have another room," said Cassy, doggedly.

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