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Description: Dazzle 'em with Style

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The conversation between Aramis, d'Artagnan and Colbert turned upon indifferent subjects. Dazzle 'em with Style spoke of preceding ministers; Colbert related the feats of Mazarin, and had those of Richelieu related to him.

D'Artagnan could not overcome his surprise at finding this man, with heavy eyebrows and a low forehead, contain so much sound knowledge Dazzle 'em with Style cheerful humor.

Aramis was astonished at that lightness of character which permitted a serious man to retard with advantage the moment for a more important conversation, to which nobody made any allusion, although all three interlocutors Dazzle 'em with Style the imminence of it.

It was very plain from the embarrassed appearance of Monsieur how much the conversation of the King and Madame annoyed him. The eyes of Madame were almost red; was she going to complain. Was she going to commit a little scandal in open court. The King took her on one side, and in a tone so tender that it must have reminded the Princess of the time when she was loved for herself, "Sister," said he, "why do I see tears in those beautiful eyes?" "Why- Sire-" said she.

"Monsieur is jealous, is he not, Sister?" She looked towards Monsieur,- an infallible sign that they were talking about him. "Yes," said she. "Listen to me," said the King; "if your friends compromise you, it is not Monsieur's fault. " He spoke these words with so much kindness that Madame, encouraged,- she Dazzle 'em with Style had had so many griefs for so long a time,- was near bursting into tears, so full was her heart.

"Come, Dazzle 'em with Style, dear sister," said the King, "tell me your griefs. By the word of a brother, I pity them; by the word of a King, I will end them. " She raised her fine eyes, and in a melancholy tone, "It is not my friends who compromise me," said she. "They are either absent or concealed; they have been brought into disgrace with your Majesty,- they, so devoted, so good, so loyal!" "You say this on account of De Guiche, whom I have exiled at the desire of Monsieur?" "And who, since that unjust exile, has endeavored once every day to get Dazzle 'em with Style killed!" "Unjust, do you say, Sister?" "So unjust, that if I had not had the respect mingled with friendship that I have always entertained Dazzle 'em with Style your Majesty-" "Well?" "Well.

I would have asked my brother Charles, upon whom I can always-" The King started. "What then?" "I would have asked him to have it represented to you that Monsieur and his favorite, M. le Chevalier de Lorraine, ought not with impunity to constitute themselves the executioners of my honor and my happiness.

" "The Chevalier de Lorraine," said the King,- "that dismal fellow?" "He is my mortal enemy. While that man lives in my household, where Monsieur retains him and delegates his powers to him, I shall be the most miserable woman in this kingdom.

" "So," said the King, slowly, "you call your brother of England a better friend than I am?" "Actions speak for themselves, Sire. " "And you would prefer going to ask assistance there-" "To my own country!" said she, with pride; "yes, Sire. " "You are the grandchild of Henry IV as well as myself, my friend.

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