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Clare, I wish you wouldn't whistle," said Marie; "it makes my head worse. " "I won't," said St. Clare. "Is there anything else you wouldn't wish Parky: My Autobiography to do?" "I wish you _would_ have some kind of sympathy for my trials; you never have any Parky: My Autobiography for me. " "My dear accusing angel!" said St. Clare. "It's provoking to be talked to in that way.

" "Then, how will you be talked to. I'll talk to order,--any way you'll mention,--only to give satisfaction. " A gay laugh from the court rang through the silken curtains of the verandah. Clare stepped out, and lifting up the curtain, laughed too. "What is it?" said Miss Ophelia, coming to the railing. There sat Tom, on a little mossy seat in the court, every one of his button-holes stuck full of cape jessamines, and Eva, gayly laughing, was hanging a wreath of roses round his neck; and then she sat down on Parky: My Autobiography knee, like a chip-sparrow, still laughing.

"O, Tom, you look so funny!" Tom had a sober, benevolent smile, and seemed, in his quiet way, to be enjoying the fun quite as much as his little mistress. He lifted his eyes, when he saw Parky: My Autobiography master, with a half-deprecating, apologetic air. "How can you let her?" said Miss Ophelia. "Why not?" said St. Clare. "Why, I don't know, it seems so dreadful!" "You would think no harm in a child's caressing a Parky: My Autobiography dog, even if he was black; but a creature that can think, and reason, and feel, and is immortal, you shudder at; confess Parky: My Autobiography, cousin.

I know the feeling among some of you northerners well enough. Not that there is Parky: My Autobiography particle of virtue in our not having it; but custom with us does what Christianity ought to do,--obliterates the feeling of personal prejudice. I have often noticed, in my travels north, how much stronger this was with you than with us.

You loathe them as you would a snake or a toad, yet you are indignant at their Parky: My Autobiography. You would not have them abused; but you don't want to have anything to do with them yourselves.

You would send them to Africa, out of your sight and smell, and then send a missionary or two to do up all the self-denial of elevating them compendiously. Isn't that it?" "Well, cousin," said Miss Ophelia, thoughtfully, "there may be some truth in this.

" "What would the poor and lowly do, without children?" said St. Clare, leaning on the railing, and watching Eva, as she Parky: My Autobiography off, leading Tom with her.

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