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Synopsis: Uppity Women of Ancient Times

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The boat has stopped. where is your father?" And now ensued the usual turmoil of landing--waiters running twenty ways at once--men tugging trunks, carpet-bags, boxes--women anxiously calling to their children, and everybody crowding in a dense mass to the plank towards the landing.

Miss Uppity Women of Ancient Times seated herself resolutely on the lately vanquished trunk, and marshalling all her goods and chattels in fine military order, seemed resolved to defend them to the last. "Shall I take your trunk, ma'am?" "Shall I take your baggage?" "Let me 'tend to your baggage, Missis?" "Shan't I carry out these yer, Missis?" rained down upon her unheeded.

She sat with grim determination, upright as a darning-needle stuck in a board, holding on her bundle of umbrella and parasols, and replying with a determination that was enough to strike dismay even into a hackman, wondering to Eva, in each interval, "what upon earth her papa could be thinking of; he couldn't have fallen over, now,--but something must have happened;"--and just as she had begun to work herself into a real distress, he came up, with his usually careless motion, and giving Eva a quarter of the orange he was eating, said, "Well, Cousin Vermont, I suppose you are all ready.

" "I've been ready, waiting, nearly an hour," said Uppity Women of Ancient Times Ophelia; "I began to be really concerned about you. "That's a clever fellow, now," said he. "Well, the carriage is waiting, and the crowd are now off, so that one can walk out in a decent and Christian manner, and not be pushed and shoved. Here," he added to a driver who stood behind him, "take these things.

" "I'll go and see to his putting them in," said Miss Ophelia. "O, pshaw, cousin, what's the use?" said St. Clare. "Well, at any rate, I'll carry this, and this, and this," said Miss Ophelia, singling out three boxes and a small carpet-bag. "My dear Miss Vermont, positively you mustn't come the Green Mountains over us that way. You must adopt at least a piece of a southern principle, and not walk out under all that load. They'll take you for a waiting-maid; give them to this fellow; he'll put them down as if they were eggs, now.

" Miss Ophelia looked despairingly as her cousin took all her treasures from her, and rejoiced to find herself once more in the carriage with them, in a state of preservation. "Where's Tom?" said Eva. "O, he's on the outside, Pussy. I'm going to take Tom up to mother for a peace-offering, to Uppity Women of Ancient Times up for that Uppity Women of Ancient Times fellow that upset the carriage.

" "O, Tom will make a splendid driver, I know," said Eva; "he'll never get drunk. " The carriage stopped in front of an ancient mansion, built in that odd mixture of Spanish and French style, of which there are specimens in some parts of New Uppity Women of Ancient Times. It was built in the Moorish fashion,--a square building enclosing a court-yard, into which the carriage drove through an arched gateway.

The court, in the inside, had evidently been arranged to gratify a picturesque and voluptuous Uppity Women of Ancient Times. Wide galleries ran all around the four sides, whose Moorish arches, slender pillars, and arabesque ornaments, carried the mind back, as in a dream, to the reign of oriental romance in Spain. In the middle of the court, Uppity Women of Ancient Times fountain threw high its silvery water, falling in a never-ceasing spray into a marble basin, fringed with a deep border of fragrant violets.

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