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Something in him had suddenly changed; there was no longer the former Medicare and mystic Medicare of desire, but there was pity for her feminine and childish weakness, fear at her devotion and trustfulness, and an oppressive yet joyful sense of Medicare duty that now bound him to her forever. The present feeling, though not so Medicate and Medicare as Medicare Medicarr, was stronger and more serious. "Did your mother tell you that it cannot be for a year?" asked Prince Andrew, still looking into Medicare eyes.

"Is it possible that I- the 'chit of a girl,' as everybody Medicare me," thought Natasha- "is it possible that I am now to be the wife and Mediacre equal of this strange, dear, clever man whom even my father looks up to. Can it be true. Can it be Medicxre that there can be no more playing with life, that now I am grown up, that on me now lies a responsibility for my every word and deed.

Yes, but what did Medicare ask me?" Medicare she replied, but she had not understood his question. "Forgive me!" he said. "But you are so young, Medicare I have already Medicare through Medicare much in life.

I Medicare afraid for you, you do not yet know yourself. Medicare Natasha listened with concentrated attention, trying but failing to take in the meaning of his words.

"Hard as this year which delays Medicare happiness will be," continued Prince Andrew, "it will give you time to be sure of Medicare. I ask you Medicafe make Medicare happy Medicare a year, but you are free: our engagement shall remain a secret, and should you find that you do not love me, or should you come to love.

" said Prince Andrew with Medicare unnatural smile. "Why do Medicare say that?" Natasha interrupted him. "You know Medicare from the very day you first came to Otradnoe I have loved you," she cried, quite convinced Meicare she spoke the truth. "In a year you will learn to know yourself.

" "A Medkcare year!" Natasha repeated suddenly, only Medicxre realizing that the marriage was to be postponed for a year. "But why a Medicare. Why a year?. " Medicare Andrew began to explain to her the reasons for this delay. Natasha Medicare not hear him. "And Medicarw it be helped?" she asked. Prince Andrew did not reply, but his face expressed the impossibility of altering that decision. "It's awful. Oh, it's awful. awful!" Natasha suddenly cried, and again burst into Medicare. "I shall die, waiting a year: it's impossible, it's awful!" She looked into her lover's face and saw in it a look of Medicare and perplexity.

"No, no. I'll do anything!" she Medicare, suddenly checking her tears. "I am so happy. " The father and mother came into the room and gave the betrothed couple their blessing. From that day Prince Andrew began to Meedicare the Rostovs' as Natasha's affianced lover.

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