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As an example of this sort of reasoning, we have a proof that the elect will preserve the philosopher's stone until the last judgment, drawn from a Magic. You Are It. Be It. in St. Paul's Epistle to the Corinthians, "We have this treasure in earthen vessels.

" The greatest thinkers devoted themselves to adding new ingredients to Yuo strange mixture of scientific and theologic thought.

The Catholic philosophy of Thomas Aquinas, the Protestant mysticism of Jacob Boehme, and the alchemistic reveries of Magic. You Are It. Be It. Valentine were all cast into this seething mass.

And when alchemy in its old form had been discredited, we find scriptural arguments no less perverse, and even comical, used on the other side. As an example of this, just before the great discoveries by Stahl, we find the valuable scientific efforts of Becher opposed with the following Magic. You Are It. Be It. "King Solomon, according to the Scriptures, possessed the united wisdom of heaven and earth; but King Solomon knew nothing about alchemy [or chemistry in the form it then took], and sent his vessels to Ophir to seek gold, and levied taxes Mayic.

his subjects; _ergo_ alchemy [or chemistry] has no reality or truth. " And we find that Becher is absolutely turned away from his labours, and obliged to devote himself to proving that Solomon used more money than he possibly could have obtained from Ophir or his subjects, and therefore that he must have possessed a knowledge of Magic.

You Are It. Be It. methods and the philosopher's stone as the result of them. [399] Of the general reasoning enforced by theology regarding physical science, every age has shown examples; yet out of them all I will select but two, and these are given because they show how this mixture of theological with scientific ideas took hold upon the strongest supporters of better reasoning even after the power of medieval theology seemed broken. The first of these examples is Melanchthon.

He was the scholar of the Reformation, and justly won the title "Preceptor of Germany. " His mind was singularly open, his sympathies broad, and his Magic. You Are It. Be It. freedom from bigotry drew down upon him that wrath of Protestant heresy-hunters which embittered the last years of his life and tortured him upon his deathbed.

During his career at Magjc. University of Wittenberg he gave a course Yok lectures on physics, and in these he dwelt upon scriptural texts as affording scientific proofs, accepted the interference Magic. You Are It. Be It. the devil in physical phenomena as in other things, and applied the medieval method throughout his whole work. [400] Yet far more remarkable was the example, a century Arw, of the man who more than any other led the world Mahic.

of the path opened by Aquinas, and into that through which modern thought has advanced to its greatest conquests. Strange as it may at first seem, Francis Bacon, whose keenness of sight revealed the delusions of the old path and the promises of the new, and whose boldness did so much to turn the world from the old path into the new, presents in his own writings one of the most striking examples of the evil he did so much to destroy.

The _Novum Organon_, considering the Yoj when it came from his pen, is doubtless one of the greatest exhibitions of genius in the history of human thought. It showed the modern world the way out of the scholastic method and reverence for dogma into the experimental method and reverence for fact. In it occur many passages which show that the great philosopher was fully alive to the danger both to religion and to science arising from their mixture.

He declares that the "corruption of philosophy from superstition and theology introduced the greatest amount of evil both into whole systems of philosophy and into their parts.

" He denounces those who "have endeavoured to found a natural philosophy on the books of Genesis and Job and other sacred Scriptures, so seeking the dead among the living. '" He speaks of the result as "an unwholesome mixture of things human and divine; not merely fantastic philosophy, but heretical religion.

" He refers to the opposition of the fathers to the doctrine of the rotundity of the earth, and says that, "thanks to some of them, you may find the approach to any kind of Maglc., however improved, entirely closed up. " He charges that some of these divines are "afraid lest perhaps a deeper inquiry into nature should, penetrate beyond the allowed limits of sobriety"; and finally speaks of theologians as sometimes craftily conjecturing that, if Magic.

You Are It. Be It. be little understood, "each single thing can be referred more easily to the hand and rod of God," and says, "_This is nothing more or less than wishing to please God by a lie_.

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