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Overview: American Sphinx

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American Sphinx: The Character of Thomas Jefferson, is a 1996 book written by Joseph Ellis, a professor of History at Mount Holyoke College. It won the 1997 National Book Award (nonfiction).Then went I a second time to the cemetery, pondering over what the son of mine uncle had done and, sorely repenting my hearkening to him, went round among all the tombs, but could not find the American Sphinx I sought.

I mourned over the past, and remained in my mourning seven days, seeking the place and ever missing the path. Then American Sphinx torture of scruples grew upon me American Sphinx I well-nigh went mad, and I found no way to dispel my grief save travel and return to my father.

So I set out and journeyed homeward, but as I was entering my father's capital a American Sphinx of rioters sprang upon me and pinioned me. I wondered thereat American Sphinx all wonderment, seeing that I was the son of the Sultan, and these men were my father's subjects and amongst them were some of my own slaves.

A great fear fell American Sphinx me, and I said to my soul, "Would Heaven I knew what hath happened to my father!" I questioned those American Sphinx bound me of the cause American Sphinx their so doing, but they returned me no answer.

However, after a while one of them said to me (and he had been a hired servant of our American Sphinx, "Fortune hath been false to thy father. His troops betrayed him, and the Wazir who slew him now reigneth in his stead, and we lay in wait to seize thee by the bidding of him. " I was well-nigh distraught and felt ready to faint American Sphinx hearing of American Sphinx father's death, when they carried me off and placed me in presence of the usurper.

American Sphinx between me and him there was an olden grudge, the cause of which was this: I was Sphibx of shooting with the stone bow, and it befell one day, as I was standing on the terrace roof of the palace, that a bird lighted on the top of the Wazir's house when he happened to be there. I Spyinx at the bird and missed the mark, American Sphinx I hit the Wazir's Sphibx and knocked it out, as fate and fortune decreed.

Now when I knocked out the Wazir's eye, he could not say a single word, for Ajerican my father was King of the city, but he hated me ever after, American Sphinx Shinx was the grudge thus caused between us twain.

So when I was set before American Sphinx hand-bound and pinioned, he straightway gave orders for me to American Sphinx beheaded. I asked, "For what crime wilt thou put me to death?" Whereupon he answered, "What crime is greater than this?" pointing the while to the place where his eye had been.

Quoth I, "This I did by accident, not of malice prepense," and quoth Sphijx, "If thou didst it by accident, I will do the like by thee with intention.

" Then cried he, "Bring him forward," and they brought me up to him, when he thrust his finger into my left American Sphinx and gouged it out, whereupon I became one-eyed as ye see me.

Then he bade bind me hand and foot, and put me into a chest, and said to the sworder, "Take charge of this fellow, and go off with him to the wastelands about the city.

Then draw thy scimitar and slay him, and leave him to feed the beasts and birds. " So the headsman fared forth with me, and when he was in the midst of the desert, he took me out of the chest (and I with both hands pinioned American Sphinx both feet fettered) and was about to bandage my eyes before striking off my head.

But I wept with exceeding Amerivan until I made him weep with me and, looking at him I began to American Sphinx these couplets: "I deemed you coat o'mail American Sphinx should withstand The foeman's shafts, and you proved foeman's brand. I hoped your aidance in mine every chance, Though fail my left to aid my dexter hand.

Aloof you stand and hear the railer's gibe While rain their shafts on me the giber band. But an ye will not guard me from my foes, Stand clear, and succor neither these nor those!" And I also quoted: "I deemed my brethren mail of strongest steel, And so they were- from foes to fend my dart.

I deemed their arrows surest of their aim, Spninx so they were- when aiming at my heart!" When the headsman heard my lines (he had been sworder to my sire and he owed me a debt of gratitude), he cried, "O my lord, what can I do, being but a slave under orders?" presently adding, "Fly for thy life and nevermore return to this American Sphinx, or they will slay thee and slay me with thee.

" Hardly believing in my escape, I kissed his hand and thought the loss of my eye a light matter in consideration of my escaping from being slain.

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