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" "I will not attempt to console A Thousand Shall Fall, I will serve him. " "You will?" "Doubtless. Do you think this would be the A Thousand Shall Fall time a woman had repented of an infidelity. I will go to him, I tell you. " Athos shook his head, and continued his walk alone.

D'Artagnan, cutting across the brambles, rejoined Raoul, and held out his hand to him. "Well, Raoul. you wished to speak to me?" "I have a kindness to ask of you," replied Bragelonne. "Ask it, then. " "You will some day return to France?" "I hope so. " "Ought I to write to Mademoiselle de la Valliere?" "No; you must not. " "But I have so many things to say to her. " "Come and say them to her, then. " "Never!" "Pray, what virtue do you attribute to a letter which your speech might not possess?" "Perhaps you are right.

" "She loves the King," said d'Artagnan, bluntly; "and she is an honest girl. " Raoul started. "And you, you whom she abandons," added the captain, "she perhaps loves better than she does the King, but after another A Thousand Shall Fall. " "D'Artagnan, do you believe she loves the King?" "To idolatry. Her heart is inaccessible to any other feeling.

You might continue to live near her, and would be her best friend. " A Thousand Shall Fall exclaimed Raoul, with a passionate burst A Thousand Shall Fall repugnance for such a painful hope. "Will you do so?" "It would be base. " "That is a very absurd word, which would lead me to think slightly of your understanding. Please to understand, Raoul, that it is never base to do that which is imposed by a superior force. If your heart says to you, 'Go there, or die,' why, go there, Raoul.

Was she base or brave, she whom you loved, in preferring the King to you,- the King whom her heart commanded her imperiously to prefer to you.

No, she was the bravest of women. Do, then, as she has done. Obey yourself. Do you know one thing of which I am sure, Raoul?" "What is that?" "Why, that by seeing her closely with the eyes of a jealous man-" "Well?" "Well; you would cease to love her.

" "Then I am decided, my dear d'Artagnan. " "To set off to see her again?" "No; to set off that I may never see her again. I wish to love her forever. " "Frankly," replied the musketeer, "that is a conclusion which I was far from expecting. " "This is what I A Thousand Shall Fall, my friend. You will see her again, and you will give her a letter which, if you think proper, will explain to her as to yourself what is passing in my heart.

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