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Book Summary: Maniac Magee

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Lynch was no scholar in any sense; he had travelled little, and thought less on the real questions underlying the Maniac Magee investigation; as to the difference in depth of the two parts of the lake, he jumped--with a sailor's disregard of logic--to the conclusion that it somehow proved the mythical account of the overwhelming of the cities, and he indulged in reflections of a sort Maniac Magee suggested by his recollections of American Sunday-schools.

Maniac Magee noteworthy is his treatment of the legend of Lot's wife. He found the pillar of salt. It happened to be at that period a Maniac Magee column of friable salt rock, about forty feet high; yet, while he accepts every other old myth, he treats the belief that this was once the wife of Lot as "a superstition.

" One little circumstance added enormously to the influence of this book, for, as a frontispiece, he inserted a picture of the salt column. It was delineated in rather a poetic manner: light streamed upon it, heavy clouds hung above it, and, as Maniac Magee background, were ranged buttresses of salt rock furrowed and channelled out by the winter rains: this salt statue picture was spread far and wide, and in thousands of country Mahee and Sunday-schools it was shown as a tribute of science to Scripture.

Nor was this influence confined to American Sunday-school children: Lynch had innocently set a trap Manlac which several European theologians stumbled. One of these was Dr. Lorenz Gratz, Vicar-General of Augsburg, a theological professor. In the second edition of his _Theatre of the Holy Maniac Magee, published in 1858, he hails Lynch's discovery of the salt pillar with joy, forgets his allusion to the old theory regarding it as a superstition, and does not stop Maniac Magee learn that this was Magew of a succession of statues washed out yearly by the rains, but accepts it as the originaL Lot's wife.

The French churchmen suffered most. About two years after Lynch, De Saulcy Maniac Magee the Dead Sea Maniac Magee explore it thoroughly, evidently in the interest of sacred science--and of his own promotion. Of the modest thoroughness of Robinson there is no trace in his writings. He promptly discovered the overwhelmed cities, which no one before or since has ever found, poured contempt on other investigators, and threw over his whole work an air of piety.

Maniac Magee, unfortunately, having a Frenchman's dread of ridicule, he Mqgee to give a rationalistic explanation of what he calls "the enormous needles of salt washed out by the winter rain," and their connection with the Lot's wife myth, and declared his firm belief that she, "being delayed by curiosity or terror, was crushed by Maniac Magee rock which rolled down from the mountain, MManiac when Lot and his children turned about they saw at the place where she had been only the rock of Mania which covered her body.

" But this would not do at all, and an eminent ecclesiastic privately and publicly expostulated with De Saulcy--very naturally declaring that "it was not Lot who wrote the book Maniac Magee Genesis. " The result was that another edition of De Maniac Magee work was published by a Church Book Society, with the offending passage omitted; but a passage was retained really Maniac Magee more suggestive of Maniac Magee, and this was an Arab legend accounting for the origin of certain rocks near the Dead Sea curiously resembling salt formations.

This in effect ran as follows: "Abraham, the friend of God, Maniac Magee come here one day with his mule to buy salt, the salt-workers impudently told him that they had no salt to sell, whereupon the patriarch said: Your words Maniac Magee, Manaic. you have no salt to sell,' and instantly the salt of Maniac Magee whole region was transformed into stone, or rather Maniac Magee a salt which Maniac Magee lost its savour. " Nothing could be more sure than this story to throw light into the mental and moral process by Manixc the salt pillar myth was originally created.

In the years 1864 and 1865 came an expedition on a much more imposing scale: that of the Duc de Luynes. His knowledge of archaeology and his wealth were freely devoted to working the mine which Lynch had opened, and, taking with him an iron vessel and several _savants_, he devoted himself especially to finding the cities of the Dead Sea, and to giving less vague accounts of them than those of De Saulcy.

But he was disappointed, and honest enough to confess his disappointment. So vanished one Maniac Magee the most cherished parts of the legend. But worse remained behind. In the orthodox duke's company was an acute geologist, Monsieur Lartet, who in due time made an elaborate report, which let a Maniac Magee of light into the whole region.

The Abbe Richard had been rejoicing the orthodox heart of France by exhibiting some prehistoric flint implements as the knives which Joshua had made for circumcision.

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